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‘Allen’s Keynotes

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n n n n n n n Pages n 552 n n n Authors n H.C.ALLEN n n n Format

৫০ সহস্রতমিক পদ্ধতির ঔষধের প্রয়োগ বিজ্ঞান

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লেখকঃ ডাঃ হরিমোহন চৌধুরী n nবইটিতে ১১০ পৃষ্ঠা, দৈর্ঘ ৮.৫ ইঞ্চি, প্রস্থ ৫.৫ ইঞ্চি

৫০ সহস্রতমিক শক্তি ও তাহার প্রয়োগ বিজ্ঞান।

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. n nলেখকঃ ডাঃ বিজয় কুমার বসু n nবইটিতে ১৮৮ পৃষ্ঠা, বইটির দৈর্ঘ ৭ ইঞ্চি ও প্রস্থ ৪.৫ ইঞ্চি প্রায়।

700 Redline Symptoms from Cowperthwite Meteria Medica

৳ 138.00
QUICK OVERVIEW n n nAccording to homeopathic philosophy, each and every patient needs to be treated as an individual. As

A Concise Repertory of Homeopathic Medicines

৳ 611.00
QUICK OVERVIEW n An Ideal repertory for the beginners and for those who believe in artistic prescribing. The simplest and


৳ 1,048.00
QUICK OVERVIEW n This book has been cast in the form of lectures on the remedies in a pleasantly personal

A Repertory Based on Allen’s Key Notes and Nash’s Leaders With Relationship of Remedies

৳ 523.00
QUICK OVERVIEW n Besides what is found in allens keynotes and nashs leaders, there is some important additions to give

Allens Keynotes and Characteristics with Comparisons

৳ 289.00
QUICK OVERVIEW n n nThe work of a homeopathic student while studying and applying materia medica is one to constantly


৳ 3,498.00
n QUICK OVERVIEW n n n1. Streamlined and restructured symptoms. n n2 .Integrating the major Repertory work of Boenninghusen and

Be A Master Of Mater

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n n n Pages n 409 n n n Authors n Muhammed Rafeeque A.A. n n n Format n Paperback


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n QUICK OVERVIEW n This is an enlarged edition of a great work Dr. Master with an ocean of tips